Smart form email address

Hey to all. Anyone knows how to change the reciever email address in smart forms after you exported the files.

In bss select the form, click on manage and then add the new email address and then export again.

Many thanks for your answer, but i know that method, i was wondering how to change after you exported your design(website). Change it outside of BSS.

The only way you could do it is register a new email address with smartform and change the data-bss-recipient value in the first line of the existing form.

I found a solution. I will add the link here.
You have to tweak it a little but works with any email address.
I spent literally 6 hours to find the best solution for my needs and i found this one what works perfect.
I spent my time, so you dont have to.
You are welcome :slight_smile:

Some times i create one email for forwarding received email from smart form to main email by it’s subject :"), it save my time also haha
But for some purpose, i don’t use smart from and try to move using this Send Form Data to Google Sheet & Get Notification in Telegram, may be it can be usefull too :")

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