Hey, can anyone help me with SmothScrolling webpage. I'm trying to make smothscrollable webpage in bootstrap studio but... I found some topic here is the link (marcco in comment put explanation) I tryed to link external .js which link found in comment and add class "data-scroll" without value to my link, but my "scrollable" page don't work :D

Thank's everyone, It means a lot to me because I'm novice here :)

Finally working how I can close Topic? :D

You can't, but people that read it will see that you got it working :)

how you did it ?

I link some new JS to my code. Here is a [link][1] and JS files.. After linking files only what need to do is to add a class to your link with name “data-scroll” and no value in the Attribute pane. You can also finde Screenshots in shared folder :) [1]:!Auocj8Px3z470TmVqScEWmC_x4Yf