some export options


i was wondering if it is possible in any way to use this app to create responsive "html"-Mails (newsletters).

  • Perhaps it is possible to export to an .eml(x) file as an email draft file. (so it can used by thunderbird, outlook, apple mail)
  • Or perhaps to make a "single" file export (one html file with all the js, css stuff "inline").
  • Or to add a base "url" for all the links (so, i can upload the css,js, images) and just send the index.html as an email (which loads the external content... this isn't the best solution, but for my "private" usage, it would be really a start.

Best regards<br> ebini

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Bootstrap Studio is built around the Bootstrap framework, which can't be used to design newsletters. There are frameworks specialized for building emails, like Foundation for Emails, but we don't have plans to support these in Bootstrap Studio.