some little requests for next next release

Hello, First congrats and thx for this great tool! So I have two request: * Is it possible to change the background color in the right side panel 'option' when the value (or child value )is changed? * is it possible to be able reordering property's inside a css block by drag-and-drop (or other)? * is it possible to automatically open "Edit code" for custom code on double-clic on "Custom code" in the "Overview" left pannel on directly. And the same thing when double-clicking on the html tag (and child's?)

I saw that auto-backup will coming soon ^^

I use it since 1 week, therefore maybe I would have other request came :p Regards

+1 on the double click to edit the Custom Code (hint, the Custom Code blocks can be double clicked in the preview window, they are not as easy to target as they are in the Overview window, but it works there)

To reorder your CSS just right click over the Styles name of that panel and you'll get a menu with the option to change the "Include Order", reorder those by drag and drop and that's it. Same for Javascript section. Unfortunately we don't see the changes on the list in the Styles and JS sections. There they show in alpha order. We have asked for them to show the true order in that list on the panels, but so far no love. Hopefully we'll see that in an update soon.

Thx for your answer. For the css, you didn't understand what i'm talking about (maybe cause English is not my native language). I would like to re-order a css property like display, font-size, etc...

Other notice, when you edit something like a text or css property, the cursor is not visible when it is on the right side of the edit box. That's a bit disturbing at the beginning but it's a detail...

In the "Styles" tab on the bottom, is it possible to add "::before", "::after" and other pseudo-element of the selected tag?

Thanks for that clarification on the CSS properties needing the ability to rearrange. +1 for that too!

I also would love to see something done with the cursor as well since that is the same for me on Mac, no cursor on the First or Last character space of any attribute values. I have gotten used to it, but would love to have that more visible. Maybe make it a couple pixels wider and a bright color or something?

Best way to know on the styles is to try it. I haven't used them manually as of yet so I'm not sure. Try it and if not ask in the Help forum if someone knows if it can be done or if so how to use it.

Yeah but when we add it, they are not displayed in the "styles" tab. You have to find it manually in his css file host. Nevermind, that's not a big issue. Others request ^^" *A shortcut for renaming files quickly (F2 is unix standard) * On renaming file, renaming object that use this file; ex: link in the nav tab or picture when you put it in a folder; maybe they are lot of work to do that * Ability to change the type of an input but maybe it's complicated * Why apply button for attributes? * Same thing for Select tag, in the option menu that is not really ergonomic. A simple clic on the row should select the good item option (actually double clic on the label or clic on edit pen icon). When you hit enter that not save item. Others input field are updated on blur. * Why preview is disable each time you leave the application? for security?


oh, yeah, theses propositions are great, i've made some of them too.

a big +1 on the double click to edit the Custom Code !

For the input type, ive also posted this

This idea - Export Labels as comments - could be also really useful

I really hope the creators of Bootstrap Studio will read this post :-)