Some new ideas for additions to menus to speed up workflow

First, a new menu added to the top of the Styles tab next to the Create and Search buttons that could contain the following commands...

  1. Delete all disabled classes (this would also delete them from any components they're applied to)
  2. Delete all unused classes (meaning if it hasn't been applied to any component)
  3. Delete all unchecked (disabled) rules
  4. Disable all rules
  5. Enable all rules

In the Design tab, add to the right-click menu for Styles

  1. Disable stylesheet
  2. Enable stylesheet
  3. Delete disabled stylesheets
  4. Delete unused stylesheets (or, if you add a component that has its own stylesheet and then delete that component, its associated stylesheet should also be deleted)

In the Design tab, add to the right-click menu for Images

  1. Delete unused images

Thank you for the suggestions! The ability to enable/disable entire stylesheets and to delete unused images would be welcome additions to the app. We will add these in our next releases.

Deleting disabled and unused CSS blocks is more problematic though:

  1. CSS classes may be added during runtime with JS or Bootstrap's widgets.
  2. CSS classes may be in the middle of some other selector, so they can't be removed without consequences.
  3. It will be difficult to explain what the menu entries do to users.

And there are probably other gotchas which we haven't thought of. If we figure out a way to solve these issues, we will add them.

One issue I can see happening that there hasn't been any fix/change for that I'm aware of yet is that not all images are detected if they are part of a JS file so I'm not inclined to use anything to remove images until such a time as the app has the ability to know what all the files are using, not just the HTML.

Other than that, I'd be all for all of the suggestions as long as they cover all aspects :)

I'd just like there to be a way to delete, and turn on/off things en masse, as opposed to having to check or select everything one-by-one. Another thing I can see being useful (which maybe already exists and I just don't know about it) is a way to expand/collapse all the components in the Overview panel.

+1 to all of it, other than my exception which could cause issues for those thinking it was deleting only unused images.

I just wanted to point that out as Martin had said it was being added to one of the new releases and that issue would end up having a lot of people deleting a lot of images that were actually being used by a JS file that weren't detected.

I agree 100% that it would be nice to have a way to do all of your suggestions though.

a way to expand/collapse all the components in the Overview panel


Even better would be to implement my suggestions about the Right mouse button menu from 2018-02-13