SPA with VanillaJS

So I just bought BSS today and I'm really liking it so far. The JS asset management and automatic minification & hashing is especially nice too. I added Simple-Pjax to a project and it added the extra perceived speed it like to my pages (it intercepts links, fetches them via XHR, discards everything outside of the body tags and replaces the body of your current page for a SPA-like feeling).

This got me thinking of perhaps using BSS as a primary tool for developing a SPA using Vanilla JS (no frameworks such as React, Vue etc.) Of course Bootstrap itself requires jQuery, so you'd be expected to use that. I was playing around with a client-side router and got it working quite nicely. Though BSS exports the entire page html, I got the router to fetch the new page and behave like Simple-Pjax by stripping out the contents of the body tags and dynamically injecting it into the page.

Without a server to handle pretty URLs, it does mean you have to use hash-routing, however, it does seem that Firebase Hosting supports clean URLs (history based routing).

So I'm wondering, has anyone here played with this stuff and built some SPAs with BSS?

If I continue down this route, I might take use Firebase for everything (FireStore, Cloud Functions, Cloud Storage etc.) or use something like StrapiJS for a REST API.

Who else is interested in this?