As it sits right now I'm about to go in and unsubscribe from all forums and will just manually check periodically for new posts. I am getting bombarded with emails that are mostly spam these days and it's getting rediculous. You guys need to do something about this and not just once in a great while which is how it is now. Just look at this particular forum and you'll see that the majority of the latest threads over the past week have been spam.

I get an email every time someone posts this spam and this stops today. Please choose a different forum setup so you can give some people moderator duties as well as making your forums postable in all but one forum by only people that have purchased the software. With a normal forum (SMF, PHPBB, etc) at least you have a lot more versatility at control than this one is.

Sorry to do this, and I hate doing it as there are a lot of people needing help here, but it's been too long since it's been requested that something be done about this, and I just can't take all this spam, I have work to do and cannot be constantly cleaning out my email for people spamming your forums :/

I agree the spam is getting bit much but if your worried about clogging up your mail box then just unsubscribe - that’s an easy fix you can do.

All depends on what you call easy haha! What I "was" doing was subscribing to all the forums (that's the easy part to get rid of), but in order to see any "replies" you have to subscribe to the actual threads, so I would subscribe to each one as they came in .... Needless to say, I had 35 pages of approx. 10 or so threads each subscribed and had to unsubscribe from all of them one by one ... sighs. Just sucks though that now I have to go in and look to see if anyone posted recently and so on. Better than all the spam in my email though!