Specify the destination folders for creation and export.

Hello, I acquired bootstrap studio recently, I want to tell you that I am really happy with my purchase. On the other hand I have a problem or a suggestion, I am currently working with flask. by convention my html files are in the template folder, and files such as javascript,css is in the static folder. I managed to specify the template folder in boostrap studio by creating a folder for the index. But it is not possible to do this for the other components. Would it be possible to add it? or explain how I can do it? Is it also possible to specify folders directly when creating the project, because currently I created js files from boostrap studio, and I had to mock the functions to test it, then export it and remodify it. If I could directly specify the directories I could modify with my ide (pycharm) directly the functions for the tests. Thank you in advance

+1 Choosing folder for each file type would be nice !