Spell Checking

First...the sugar coating: Let me say I love the new interface in the latest updates. The software is becoming more intuitive. I am also finding myself not needing "Custom Code" work as much anymore. Thanks.

And now...the pill...smiles.

A Spell Checker. Doing a SEARCH in these forums for the subject and only see messages dating back to 2017. Anything new happening?

It's a feature I REALLY miss in my work. I may be a good speller...but am a bad fast typist...smiles.

Thanks Jerry

Sorry...I see there was more recent discussion on ther subject...but that seems as it is not going anywhere either?

For me...it's such a pain to run my text through MS Word before posting it on my pages.


Word is the last thing you should be using to do anything for website work. Find yourself a basic text editor like Notepad++ for Windows or Notepad for Mac. That way you don't copy extra hidden code that Word sticks into your pasted items from it. Shouldn't ever use Word or Wordpad or any type of Word Processing app to copy from.

Other than that, I feel your pain on the spell check and yes it's been asked for many times for a long time.