Stage Size

Hello, iam on a retina screen imac 27. and i would like to change the size of the Stage / preview window. i want to be able to see whats outside the containers, so i can get a wider view of my page and whats displayed in the full width rows. si i dont allways have to look at my browser to see the full picture.

hopefully you understand what i want to (not talking about changing some css. talking about the program itself)


Hello and welcome to the forums!

By default the stage is shown in the "MD" Bootstrap Size. You can make it a bit larger by hitting the "LG" button on the top-right. But the app doesn't support any larger sizes right now.

Normally LG is the largest device size supported by the Bootstrap framework's grid, and there shouldn't be differences between what you see there and what you see in a fullscreen browser window.

thanx for your reply. iam aware of those buttons, but it really is not what i ment. you know as a have a 27" retina display, i want to see whats oustide of the container, not view my design as iam on a 1200px wide screen.