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If I copy the HTML to Visual Studio, will the standard BS 5 work the same as the BS 5 in BS Studio? Or, is the BS Studio BS 5 modified?

It’s legit bs5. They don’t change anything.

I didn’t ask the question correctly. It’s clear that the Studio BS css is not the same as the css from The Studio version has added numerous classes - which means that I can’t use the version included in Visual Studio. I’ve tried substituting the two versions, but I can’t seem to get it to work properly. If someone else uses VS and BS Studio, perhaps they can tell me how they make the transition? I seem to be missing something
If BS Studio had provided a different stylesheet along with the standard one, it would be a simple task. Thanks.

I am unaware of any additional css in the BSS code. Can you be more specific about what code has been added?

I did a simple test. I exported the New Age template and looked at Index.html for a class that I wasn’t familiar with - I picked “masthead”. Then I searched the Studio BS css and saw it was defined there.
I also downloaded BS css from getbootstrap and, of course, “masthead” is not defined there.
I didn’t try the same exercise with an export that didn’t start with a template - but, for my needs a starting template is pretty much a necessity.
This isn’t just a BS Studio issue - nearly all templates from many vendors do the same thing. However, the “examples” from getbootstrap use the off-the-shelf BS css and then add a stylesheet for the custom classes. Although I’d very much like to start with the New Age template, I guess I’ll just go with the much more basic one from getbootstrap unless I find a straight forward way to import it to VS. Perhaps use BS Studio to help with snippets of code. Thanks for your interest.

The bootstrap file has been “bundled” using a sass compiler. It added the custom code to the end of a regular bootstrap file and thus created one instead of two. So copy the code where the bootstrap stops and the custom code starts.

Here is the website with the two files instead of one…

New Age

Thank you very much!! I’ll give that a try in the next day or two and post back how it works in VS.
Much appreciated!

Twinstream - yes, it works as you suggest - so, thanks again. As for use in VS - it does take a quite a bit of fooling around to transfer into that environment. But, my version does look the same as yours now. So, in my case, the UI of the website in question will be supported by an SQL Server DB. I only know Visual Studio, C# , SQL Server, and associated tools. My biggest challenge is getting the BS 5 UI looking and working properly. Hopefully BS Studio to help with that task.
Nice to know that this forum responses so quickly and thoughtfully.

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daveharney - Glad you have it sorted out. There is a newer one than the one Bootstrap Studio uses that has been updated on Start Bootstrap.

New New Age

Thanks - I like that “clean” look in the new, new!