Standard v Life Time version

What's the difference other than the price?

Standard you pay each year to upgrade it, Lifetime you don't.

Thanks, great tool. I'm sure they were be lots of enhancements. I should have gone for the life time version.

Yw, and I'm not sure if they will still do this or not, but maybe if you contact them they will allow you to upgrade to the Lifetime version with the price difference or close to it? Can't hurt to ask. And yes, they do updates quite a few times a year. Not as much as they used to, but that's due to the app being pretty full featured at this point. Now it's a lot of fine tuning for requested features and changes and whatever is left on their todo list that they are wanting to do yet. Should be an update coming any time now too.

No update for over a month now. The next release should be packed with new features and improvements.

Said about a week ... about a week ago... so it should be coming any day now.

Great, I sent an email asking them if I can upgrade and pay the diffs so I can get the updates. After getting to know it a bit more this is going to be my tool of choice.

Awesome! Been mine for over 2 years now :)