Starting a project in Bootstrap Studio and working outside then re-importing it

I was doing some of the basic things in setting up my project in BS Studio and am still not perfectly skilled at it yet. So I opened one of the pages it in a simple text editor, and then tried to update it. I checked it online and liked what I saw. So then I decided to download it back to my local machine and see if I could continue with the changes made in the other simple text editor. But it does not recognize the changes for some reason. Any ideas? created file.html in bootstrap studio - uploaded to my online server - decided to add a few changes on my ipad using textastic - sent it back up to my online server - checked the changes - they looked good - downloaded back to my local computer and the changes are not there.

The changes you made were in HTML where as the files you edit in BSS are .bsd (bootstrap studio design files)

What you have done here is essentially import a raw HTML file into the app and it's now will think it's a custom code

So where does it put this custom code?

I figured it out. Thanks.

hey whats the solution?