Status bar/Progress when exporting

When I export my design, I cannot see the progress. And it usually takes 15-20 seconds for by design to export, and sometimes I hit the "did I press, or didn't I press the export button".

A progress bar, or a popup that tells me BSS is exporting would be appreciated.

  • Michael

You must have a huge website if it takes that long to export. I've got one that has about 43 pages and it exports in about 10 seconds or less. I agree it would be nice to have a progress meter if you have huge sites though. For any site I've done so far I wouldn't need it, they export pretty quickly and by the time a meter would show up they would be done exporting lol.

@Jo I'm building an entire administrative system within BSS - What I generate is then sent to implementers that cut it up and wrap C# around it.

I have several SCSS' from a framework (Metronic) and that alone generates a 2.6mb CSS file when compiled.

  • Michael

+1 on @Ruprect bug report.

Giving (visual) feedback on a button press is design 101.

There was an article (i guess on A List Apart or Smashing Magazine) explaining all the correct behaviors buttons must have on a modern design. So if the issue exists should be treated as a bug and fixed.

Thanks for the suggestion, you can expect it in the next release.