Store translated into Brazilian Portuguese

I really really need the bss store to have texts in Portuguese Brazil, does anyone know how I can edit the store texts?

You cant edit it directly in the panel or sum, but you can do tricks around with some javascript. There was a thread about it with one user doing tricks around, you should look up and find the thread.

EDIT: I will look up how reflow looks like and what are the problems with it cause I have never ever used it yet and maybe I could help with it if I would get into it, but anyways there was one person who did a trick around with some javascript to change the language.

Could you exactly tell me what do you want to be changed from english to the Brazilian Portuguese?

EDIT2: Here is a link to that thread
Thread with language

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it could be something similar to what already exists in the contact form, fields to define the texts and modify the texts visible on the market pages to Portuguese Brazil, for example add to cart = “adicionar ao carrinho”

I would like to make this for you, but it’s too much chaotic to work with and I would’nt have preview without configuring the whole ecommerce with products etc to see it in the live preview, so I would’nt know if the javascript works properly = too much time consuming even tho its nothing fancy to make it works.

I will look up later the ecommerce new template that bss devs have added in the latest update and will see if i need to connect to the reflow to see it in the preview, if so… then wont even try at all.

In the worst scenario you would have to give me the bsdesign file to lemme see ur ecommerce project with the store in the preview, but i dont think that you would trust me that much ;p.

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I’m effectively the one who published his bilingual “solution”. Solution between quotes since it’s not rock-solid, improvable (e.g. waiting for existence of the elements would be better than fixed timing as it is currently) and subject to be broken any morning if there’s a change in Reflow. Nevertheless, if you, @dickykreedz and/or @gilmar, have a question, I’ll answer over there…
Hoping a multilingual Reflow is somewhere in the pipe, of course :wink:

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Around 2hrs ago I did make a simple code for this translation cause I was helping other user with product cards yet, and It works clever. I would make a component with special selection for languages, but I would have to spend much more time for it cause I literally spent around 15 mins for one reflow element.

@elroot The biggest problem for me is laziness to check all possible elements that would have to be changeable, and I’m really too lazy for that :laughing:

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I confirm, it’s time consuming; I spent two half days on it and it’s for sure optimizable/improvable… The key point is to find selectors that don’t break something else around. Of course, it would be far easier if each element had an ID, but there’re not…

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It wouldnt break anything at all, its all about the all elements which got default text, thats all, but i’m too lazy to bother myself by checking shop cart and other reflow components hah

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But what do you do when your content switched to another language? Your elements don’t contain the original text anymore (unless if you maintain a pointer to each element from the beginning for all the duration of the session).

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Nothing, it switches the text in uneditable reflow elements that ppl would like to change to a different text. You have select or sum, you’re picking a language and it does change the text displayed in these uneditable elements, nothing fancy, you’re refreshing the page, it still holds the content. It’s not really complicated at all.

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OK, it’s a different design than mine: my bilingual websites are able to switch forth and back between the two languages without reloading the page. So, in this case, it’s far efficiente to take some stable references (classes, id, path) to identify the concerned Reflow elements rather than relying on their content which (in my case) is not always the original one (when I switch from FR to EN, the Reflow elements contain French text). Also, if you’re looking for every single Reflow elements by their content starting from document root every time, it’s a lot of DOM traversal operations.

This said, the original content of the Reflow elements could change the same way than their classes or eventual id could change too: it’s up to the BSS team and completely out of our scope.Both are subject to change, anytime.

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It’s always the same, when someone requests a translation here on the forum, the answer is NOTHING!
The BSS team could at least say they won’t do that, it would be more respectful that way.
They sell a product to different nations, with different languages and they don’t support any translation in the languages, we have to learn English, the worst, our customers and their customers also have to know English in certain situations like this one from Reflow.
I am very dissatisfied with the degree of commitment of the developers, if they are not going to adapt the program to other languages, at least restrict the sale to countries where the official language is English and that’s it!
Making money from all over the world, that’s ok, offering solutions for the same, until today I haven’t seen that happen.
It doesn’t have to be for my particular language, it needs to be for all languages, just create editable fields so that we can translate or insert the text as needed.

First of all thanks for the screenshots(it will be usefull for me).
Second english is worldwide language, its global one and ppl should learn atleast basics of it.
Third youre right that if they’re gonna make ecommerce or anything like that, they should allows us to change the text of those inputs/buttons etc(in the reflow dishboard or sum).
Last one is “when someone requests a translation here on the forum, the answer is NOTHING!” other ppl from this community wont bother themselves to make something for urself if u cant put ur time to atleast try to do that, also ecommerce is still a new feature to this tool there is basically 2 active developers as far as i know and making something like reflow defo took alot of time u have to know that BSS is one time payment tool, so they dont earn any consistent income from this tool. BSS is the only one that good tool for Front-End Development and costs you only once. I would like to see more “premium features” for ppl who are willing to pay them to take more time for the development of BSS. This tool has huge potential to be something more, but it will take atleast 2 years yet to see it coming. I wouldn’t want it to become pinegrow v2 feature policy like you have to pay for almost everything what is added to it, but more “advanced stuff” or stuff that are ppl are willing to pay for would be blessing, but i know Martin said that many times that the goal of BSS as a platform and tool was to be one time payment tool that allows u to create forever, and not to be a subscription based software. We just have to wait for the developers to make what the community want to get and we shouldnt put so much pressure and negativitiness around them cause its really not motivational for them and i know it by myself cause im web developer and i know how easily it is to lose any motivation after the community is yelling at you just for nothing “bad” lol

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I need exactly the same but in Spanish xD

Deveria ser para todos, por isso peço e reclamo.

Gostaria muito deste serviço, se inglês é básico tente estudar em escola pública em um país de terceiro mundo.
Mesmo sendo de um pais de primeiro mundo, dúvido que consiga aprender português Brasil ou francês, são extremamente difíceis, então por favor, não menosprezar o idioma de outros países.

Of course, I agree about the need of Reflow localization, @gilmar… But, you know, development is very time and energy consuming. Frankly, I’m a software author (meaning I lived from royalties, not selling my time as a freelance would do) since a long time now, and I’m impressed by the rate of both BSS & Reflow. Imagine that BSS is just $69 lifetime and Reflow is free… In this kind of business, you have just this alternative: time or money. When you sell a master piece of software $69, it takes obviously more time than if you did the choice to build a SaaS on a membership basis.

According to this post, @martin said, I quote: “We will be adding support for localization and translations of the Reflow toolkit in the next couple of months.” It was on 8th of April 2022! So, let them the time to work in peace :wink:

On my side, I could live with an English store only, but my local (French) customers, no! So, I’m more than interested in this possibility to switch to another language or provide our own… But I know that the best code is always written in the serenity. A matter of pulse -^v-

We’re here to encourage! Go on BSS Team, we believe in you :love_you_gesture:

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So, I can even help with the translation into Portuguese, but I think a customization system such as the bss email manager would be more effective, which is great.

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I don’t know the BSS email manager since I’m using my own backend(s) talking about forms and related things, but I guess it’s about free localization… If yes, of course, I agree.

And about French (in case of a fixed translation) I’m here too… But, maybe the best would be to go both ways: fixed for the most used languages in the world and a possibility to provide our own translation for the others (maybe sharable through a platform or another; e.g. crowdin­.­com).

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