Styles and JS for individual Pages


It appears that BootStrap Studio does not support separate imports for each individual page as far as CSS and JS. I have a need to import a style and various .js files to only certain pages but not the entire website. Is this possible today or will it be in the near future release?

If I am wrong, I apologize and hope someone can instruct me on the best way to implement this functionality.


If you right-click the page in the design tab (lower right panel) and choose "properties", you'll see a menu on the left with a selection "head content." Here you can add specific code to just the page in question. Does this help at all?

Another option, is to add a custom code component to the page in question, and include your javascript or CSS in there. I have done that successfully on this site... so that the snowflake background animation only runs on the home page.