Styles attributes still defaulting to pixels

Options pane defaults to pixels (px) for margin, padding etc.Is really that the correct way to go in 2018 with bootstrap 4 ? Why is BSS not offering in the options pane the default classes like my-4 or pb-2 or at least in rem ?

Thanks for this thread!

Pixels are only the default for these fields - you can enter a different unit, and it will be maintained when you drag up/down to increment/decrement. But because browsers report them as pixels, this is what we display in the field placeholder (it would take ugly hacks to present in other units).

As for the margin and padding utility classes - there are hundreds of possible combinations and we still haven't come up with an UI to present them visually. Ideas are welcome!

Thanks for the reply @martin I longly thought about that. And considering how bootstrap-4 works I still think BSS should default to rem, and offer all new classes like my-4, pb-2 etc. Those classes default to rem too.

IMHO BSS should adhere to and help follow bootstrap 4 best practices. Also in the GUI, so please no more px, at least as a default. My idea is to completely drop support for bootstrap 3 (based on float) and focus on boostrap 4, based on flexbox, with all new classes, and measures in rem.

One more thing. I just noticed that CARDs don't have all attributes in BSS 4.3.1 so it's quite a mix between manually adding classing and setting options. I didn't keep the list, but I think there's no card-deck, card-header, and a few more attributes in the options pane. See:

Definitely not a problem for me, I add the class names, but I still think that or BSS offers ALL standard bootstrap4 classes, options and utilities or none.