When you use the properties options of an element to add padding and margin, colours..etc, these styles are added into the HTML, is there anyway to have them automatically applied into a stylesheet?

Choose the file in the dropdown that you want it to go to. This is not a sticky procedure though so from what we've been told about this new feature (was just added last week so there isn't much documentation on it yet), it remembers the last place you used until you turn off the app. You'll need to do that setting again each time you start the app. There is also a setting for choosing which class it should go to as well, or if it should create a new one. That works the same way.

Hmm, I can't find this it in the styles tab?

Are the styles then removed from the HTML?

It's in the options pane (top right) of BSS. You have 3 tabs there, the one with the little palette icon on it is the one you use to choose this. Sorry, I should have thought to say where it all was.

In there you can choose to create a new css class or edit one that is showing in there. I am not seeing where you would choose the file you want it in though. Here's the thread that Martin explained how this works for us in, that might help better than me trying to to explain something I don't use yet lol. I haven't gotten myself to use that instead of editing the CSS manually yet, I will eventually I'm sure lol.

Great stuff, thank you Jo :)