Sub-Menus not clearing

Hi, if you visit and click on a sub-menu link under OUR SERVICES the page loads fine, however if you click again from that page on another sub-menu link under OUR SERVICES the previous links do not get cleared and results in a messed up webpage. I do not know what is causing this issue. Your help is appreciated very much.

Sincerely, Inayet Hadi

class="col col-lg-4 col-md-4 col-sm-12 col-12"

Define the default class first, and then follow that with the changing break-points... class="col col-12 col-md-4" is all you need.

Defining everything top down is possibly confusing even the computer.

Move all the pages in the subfolder up one level where the rest of the pages are. This is because you have your menu 'linked" and thus cannot have different link href which are needed to traverse the menu properly.

For example going from a page in a subfolder to the home page would require ../ to move up one level for the href. But from any main menu link going to the home page does not require ../ so you have a conflict. Your pages will have to all be at the same level if the menu is linked.

You could unlink the menu on each page and then do it the way you are trying but you lose the "linking" benefits.

The best way to combat the ability to add pages in a subfolder is to create a separate menu for the subfolder pages. Very easily done and still is only 2 pages to make changes to to keep them up to date so it's not a lot more work really.

Just unlink one of the subfoldered page's menu, edit it as needed, copy it to the other pages in the subfolder and delete the old menu.

Now you have 2 menus for upkeep, but still easily doable since you only have to change one page in order to update the rest. :)