Suggestion: object details panel


First off, love the software. It's now one of my top two most used tools.

So, quick suggestion. I think it would be super helpful to have an object details panel apear when you click on the object in the design view. I encision it to be similar to what you see under the chrome:developer-tools>Elements>Computed

Something simple that shows the position,margin,border,padding & size of the object in numerical form. This is super helpful when working with sizing your objects correctly. Currently I have to keep switching back to the dev-tools tab to look up object dimensions.

Also, as a bonus, it would be cool to have something similar to the computed-style-list it would make tracking down those pesky style conflicts a whole lot easier (especially when using elements you get from the web :D)

I know not everyone would benifit from this, but perhaps it can be an optional side panel that you can choose to include...

(included screenshot of what i'm talking about)

Chrome Dev Tools

+1 for this