Support for partials/views

When knocking things up in Bootstrap Studio, it's sometimes useful to be able to create a "partial" HTML page which doesn't have all the html/head/body tags around the content you're working on. When exporting, these partials could easily be copied by gulp into a project's views directory allowing quick changes to views without stripping all the tags out.

A use case right now is that I'm using Bootstrap Studio to mock my pages up, exporting to HTML and converting them into Laravel blade templates. I'm using @extends so I have one master page and many smaller views which extend that page. If I could have my partials in Bootstrap Studio too, I could export them, run them through a gulp task to add the @section and @stop header/footers and use them right away in my application.

I realise that I could use "Copy as HTML" but copy/pasting HTML between editors is so '90s it hurts.

This sounds interesting to me, though I don't use .php, but the thought of having a snippet file and then some @include filename would be something I could work with.


This is a cool idea. I have a similar use case... and one that's the complete opposite (where I need temptlated items that are not so dangerously "linked" across the app, but controlled from a central repository like the library and not strewn about different pages). What both sides of this seem to speak to is a desire for stronger "breaking apart" and "bringing back together" dynamic pieces of layouts.

This would entail actually having "dynamic" pieces and areas which in reality is not what we have. What we have is more of a library setup is it not? Within the app it acts very similar to "includes", but when it's exported it's not includes anymore it's straight code that is duplicated in all those pages in the same places similar to what DreamWeaver does with libraries. I think they would need to add a true dynamic system to accomplish what you guys are asking for, which I would also love to see too, even though I don't use it a lot, I do use it at a times and would probably do so more with this app than I do outside of it.

Jo, I'd be perfectly fine with exporting the code as the same in all places (as static HTML). My need is -- when prototyping in BS Studio) I need specific components / pieces of the prototype that are shared across the entire project to be consistently the same (linking does this to some degree, but is very rigid). At least, that's the thinking / need from my side. Not sure there's a simple solution here -- though your dreamweaver reference is a good point.

I guess I'm not sure what you're after then as I have all kinds of things linked and they all work flawlessly for me. This includes custom code blocks as well as internal components. If they are linked, then they are identical throughout the site. I can change it on any page and no matter what page I change it on, it updates all the rest to the identical setup. Whatever you're after is probably above my head as I'm not sure what you mean by the linking only working to a degree or being rigid. Sorry. :/

I think the main point here is that many people could utilise a partial export option, that doesn't include the head and body tags etc. The main benefit of this is that regardless of what framework you're utilising, it would allow for much easier integration, regardless of whether you're using back or frontend frameworks Laravel, Rails, Adonis, Vue etc. as most of the frameworks have their own templating system.

So for example, once I've finished building my site with Bootstrap Studio, it would be nice to just export the parts you need, eg. nav bar, footer, forms etc. It then makes it much easier to bring these into your framework of choice.