Support own fonts & Coverting JS files


I face two problems while using your software. 1. I want to use my own fonts, unfortunately I can only use the fonts 2. Linking external libs like JS files is a nice concept, but sometimes I want to convert them to local files. So it would be cool if you can transform the external libraries to internal(local) libraries. Like right clicking on it and 'Convert to local file' or something.

Regards, Pascal

Open the file in the CDN which you can usually go directly to it and see the code on, Copy the code, Create a JS file in BSS and name it the same name (or whatever name you need to use). Copy the code into that file and you're done. Takes like 1 minute or less to do this. Not sure how useful this would be since a lot more people are using CDN's these days than local, if they are available, but who knows they may add something like this in. Either way it's a pretty simple thing to make a CDN into a local file by doing what I stated to do above.


Can we please have ability to import own fonts as whilst using google fonts is great it doesn’t cater for all instances and I would love to be able to import fonts like I would images and reference them in the css.

I am aware of some work arounds and could do font installation post export so don’t need to hear about those options ? as would like to preview in this tool.

I have read that this feature was coming but has clearly gone stagnant


+1 I too would love to see this ability added, Google has way too much clout as it is over websites, we need to be able to have a bit more control ourselves instead of giving it all to them.

Don't get me wrong, I love the integration of the Google Fonts, but I am sure there are many like me that would rather have full control over their website's content where it resides on the server with the site rather than trusting other places with such a humungous portion of our websites. Just think about this a second please ... If something happened to Google, and it had to stop that feature ... our websites are ... non existent for the most part or default on some really ugly default fonts.

When the content is on the server the site resides on, it does not fail to show up as long as that site is live. Just my argument for having the ability to put all things in our projects and just as important, to be able to reference them from local project folders we set up as needed.

Yeah same here... google fonts are great but for a company that cares about webdesign a lot its a must to be able to use custom fonts!

@ Martin - can you confirm when custom fonts is scheduled for releases on your roadmap or backlog?