SVG Support

When I do custom code

    <svg id="wave" viewBox="0 0 100 15">
<path fill="#fff" opacity="0.5" d="M0 30 V15 Q30 3 60 15 V30z"></path>
<path fill="#fff" d="M0 30 V12 Q30 17 55 12 T100 11 V30z"></path>

It would be nice if you could add an SVG plugin bit with sliders and all so we can make something like the above easily but right now my SVG only shows in the browser not in BS Studio where its just a blank box as shown in image below so support for that would be really cool!

enter image description here


Agreed +100

I don't even need sliders, at least seeing SVG inside BS would be awesome.

That would be awesome. Registered just for this reason.

SVG Code support would be awesome