Tab Pane Overwriting

I have inserted multiple tabs into one of my pages but each time I try to update each individual tab pane it overwrites all the others with the same information. is their a switch or something I in the settings I can use to lock in the separate data in each pane.

It sounds like you may have used the paste linked which ties the components together. If you look at the Overview pane and notice a chain link icon next to the component at the end of it, then that is what has happened. If you want to separate them, right click on the component in the Overview pane and select unlink.


Thanks Saj but no that is not the case the only thing that seems to cross over is the data from my unordered lists which I a little wierd

Check to be sure you have put the information "inside" the tab contents. Many times I find that I accidentally drag something to where I "think" it is correct, but it ends up being "below or above" the actual content area and so it shows on all tabs then.

Do you have multiple Tab components on the page, or you added more Tabs to a Tab component?

If multiple Tab components, is the content for each first tab the same and then each second tab is the same etc.. ? Or does all the tabs have the same content?

If more tabs on a Tab component, does something like first and fourth tabs have the same content and something like second and 5th or 6th have the same content or do each tab have exactly the same content?

One trouble shooting post we had done before is where someone was manually editing the Attribute for HREF in the Attributes pane under the HTML pane rather than in the correct place in the Options pane's HREF field. That I believe was doing something pretty close you what it seem you might be experiencing.

Otherwise we might need some code snippets or something to get a better look into what's really going on.