Table elements positioning

Would love to see position attributes added to the Table Option’s panel such as vertical, horizontal, etc. for all the various parts of the table as shown in the BS website. This would not only help speed things for those of us that know code, but would be really helpful for those that don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


easily done with custom options on the table

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hmm thanks for that tip, I haven’t played with them at all as I had no idea what they actually did. Now I have something to mess with it on. :stuck_out_tongue:

As previously said, custom options

I’ve added to the online library a component called Table with Vertical Alignment for you to get started with


Man, you guys are way too good to me lol. Thanks!

So I’ve played around a little bit with the Custom Options, and I think that although it’s pretty cool, it’s very limited since it’s added to specific elements, it’s not usable to set it up and reuse it for other projects and such. This is where having the settings for positioning tables, tr, td, etc. would be helpful in the Options.

As they are part of the BS5 code setups, I would assume it would be in here too. Just a suggestion of course. :slight_smile:

@jo-r I kinda don’t understand what are you trying to say here especially with:

it’s very limited since it’s added to specific elements

it’s not usable to set it up and reuse it for other projects and such

This is where having the settings for positioning tables, tr, td, etc. would be helpful in the Options

its the same what custom options are…theres no need to implement anything like that for tables etc, lol

Explain further cause I don’t see any problems so far and the suggestion seems totally useless to me, lol

The main issue for me is they are not reusable to other components or in this case other parts of the table. In the settings, for example, we have specific toggles for Rows such as for Gutters on and off. This is distinctly a Row setting and always is there for all projects.

The Custom Options are only there for the specific part of a component that you use it for. It’s not there for your next project, you have to readd it again, unless I’m missing something about them.

Tables actually have a handful of different settings that could be added to the app rather than us having to add them in manually such as some that are already there like: Table Striped, Table Hover, Showing Header or Footer, Borders and so on.

I’m just asking to expand these settings with Positioning such as Vertical Alignment. Not for me really because I know now that I can just add it to the Table element and done. But … since the app doesn’t only cater to those of us that know how to code and know what exists or where to find the info, having that setting would help the ones that don’t.

In other words, if you are going to add “some” you may as well add all or at least most. Saves us time on the forums answering questions on how to do things too.

Hopefully that’s clearer. :slight_smile:

It would be better to have a button on the options panel. When clicked it lets you create your custom options. Your custom options then get added to the top of the main options panel. After that you could select any component or multiple components in the design window, select your custom option (dropdown or toggle) from the options panel and apply the custom option to the selected components. Also to have it saved for reuse in other projects.

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+++1 that would be perfect as well!

To reuse a component with custom options you add the component to your library. You must save the component with the css

Now you can drag and drop it in any of your designs.
If you only want the custom options of the component right click and choose copy custom options , when the custom options are copied you can delete the component.
Now you can paste the custom options onto any other component in the design.

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@kuligaposten that’s an option for you and I for sure, but … it is also more work than should be necessary for settings that are default BS5 IMHO. Since some of the other options are there already for tables, it would be nice to have others that are specific to the table element.

After thinking on that as well @floydmanfloyd your idea would be even more perfect, but once again that would be for you and I, the non coder (much as we want them to learn more) won’t know they can do that or what to do with it. And as mentioned above, if some settings are there, add the rest then to help them. But for us I would love your idea to happen too.

@kuligaposten I’m aware you can do it as you suggest but it’s a lot of messing about. What I’m thinking is I create a width custom option with various widths or something similar and it’s added to the options panel. I could then multi select say 10 images, paragraphs, etc then simply select a width from the custom options I created and it’s apllied to them all at once. It would also be available for new projects in the options panel.

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Jo, I was surprised when I was reading your reply and saw that it doesn’t saves the custom options and I was like “oh…it can’t be like that…” I decided to open Bootstrap Studio and check it, and It all works for me, I did save the component and it’s easily re-useable with custom options, so It could be a bug on your OS or you’re doing something wrong, so the component is re-useable, so your argument about it not being “re-useable” is totally wrong. I would be honestly shocked if the custom option wouldn’t be re-useable with custom components.

You can easily implement it by yourself, BSS Devs did implement custom options specially for these cases when you need to add something, so they can focus or more important stuff like Reflow etc.

You can also do much more with custom options when you will mix them with javascript and I understand that most of people over here are not friendly with programming, but for real, it’s not really hard to google something, read some documentations etc to figure out how to do something.

But you don’t have to be able to code to make the vertical etc. Just use custom options, it literally takes like 10 secs to setup it for slower ppl max one minute. It’s really unproductive to waste developers time like Martin to implement it honestly. You have to learn something if you wanna keep making websites and I understand that most of users here are not really friendly with coding etc and more advanced or complex stuff, but for real I don’t see any problem over here, bootstrap has alot of ready-to-use classes and there’s vertical alignment added too… No offense I dont know you, but you seems pretty lazy to me in this case cause Ive literally opened my bootstrap studio 5 mins ago and tried to do it, and it took me 2 mins, no problems at all.

I really was like “theres no way custom options are not saved with custom components” and they’re all saved without any problems and u can re-use it in other projects without any problem and you dont have to add any css or things like this to make it “work”, so no problems at all.

@kuligaposten You don’t need css to make this work.

This is actually a really good idea cause some components pretty often need similiar functionality, so this idea is not bad at all tbf.

EDIT: I would be happy if we would be not limited to only classes and attributes in custom options with specific values or classes, but being able to make lets say attribute “data-alert-width” and type exact value in the input like 50px or sum and it would add the attribute to the specific element. Adding input to type value or sum would be pretty cool for attributes etc, I know we do have a panel at the bottom for adding styles, attributes etc, but having custom options on the right panel would be much more UX friendly and comfortable with possibility for adding a slider or sum to the custom options for attributes, anything like that would be pretty cool cause atm we’re limited to specific values or checkboxes in the custom options panel and imho that sucks(the width example was just an example i know it doesnt makes any sense in this case)

if you add your own css class and not add that class when you save the component it will not work

@dickykreedz … first off I’m not lazy, and I know how to code this. If you read my posts you will see that it’s not for me I’m asking for this, but for the non-coder or not-so-much coder. I realize I can add these classes etc. to the attributes area, but … you yourself in your following post are proving my case in point. It is nice to have it all in one place instead of having to click up here, add this there, etc. If it’s in the Options, then I don’t have to do it in the Attributes pane, which makes it not only good for me, but for the newbies.

The other thing is to quote you “save the component and it’s easily re-useable…” This is where we are differing in what we’re talking about. My post is about adding more of a global setting like all those already in the Options Pane, not about saving a component. Saving a component does not make it accessible without having to copy and paste it from another component or save the component to the library as @kuligaposten suggested. Then have to add it, get settings, remove it, etc. Why all the hassle just to add a setting? Why is it bad to have it in the options with the rest of the table settings?

I would be perfectly happy with @floydmanfloyd’s suggestion as well and in fact that would be perfect for so many things as you said in your next post. It won’t help the newbies, but we’ll be happy.
This would be exactly what I would love to see where we can add things that stay permanently from project to project, or better yet, have a checkbox to share with other projects or not.

Anyways, I digress, carry on :stuck_out_tongue:

So why this works for me huh? I did add a class that doesnt exist anywhere and it does works, no matter if the checkbox is enabled or disabled, same for dropdown, so it works for me(no problems with attributes too), but not for u guys, huh :)?

I did check it now just to be sure in 200% and it does even saves the state of the checkbox/dropdown list, so I don’t have any problems with the custom options, so I don’t understand you Kuligaposten, it saves and is re-useable for me, no matter what

What OS you guys got? are you on macs or sum, maybe there’s a problem? Cause no matter how I will save the custom options with component it always does saves it as it is without any problems, this is weird lol

EDIT: I wanna mention that I did even restart Bootstrap Studio to be sure that it will works after re-start and it did work, lol

EDIT2: What version of Bootstrap Studio are you guys on? are you on 6.0.1?, I’m still on 5.9.3, maybe it’s a bug after version 6?


You probably open the design where you created your custom options component and yes it will work in that design. If you add your component to your library and not adding the css class then that component will not work in other designs