Tabs selection has visual anomaly

I'm not sure if this will be part of the Visual Preview fixes, but just in case it's not covered here's another situation for you. I've uploaded a screenshot which you can view here:

If you look at the arrows you will see 2 green ones. In this screenshot that last list item which goes with the last item (Pasta Salad) is not selected in the Preview window. In fact if you see the red arrow, the selection in the Preview will not go past that point because it's assuming (or I have it set without realizing it lol) to that size and it doesn't recognize anything below it. I actually had to add some margin/padding to areas of this tabs setup for it to not go below the footer (this was prior to having items in the Events in the side bar so the site wasn't very tall at the time like it is now). That part isn't an issue as long as I can fix it with padding/margin, but the selection is really a pain in the butt lol.

I couldn't show this part as it wouldn't pick up what was highlighted on mouse over in the list on the screenshot, but the right items in the Preview window highlight when you mouse over the list items in the Overview panel, it just won't select them correctly. If I move the list item from the bottom in the Overview to the second to the last position it will move as it should, it's just not visually correct I guess.

@Martin: This is the same project I just sent you so this should be in there too. If it's something that I did though please let me know because I'm stumped on this if it's my fault haha.

If anyone else sees something I'm missing on what it might be, please let me know and I can check it to see if I messed up a setting. Most of this is just the default settings other than a little margin/padding added to areas above and below and of course the custom coloring and shadow, so I don't "think" I changed anything that would break the preview but .... hahaha never know!