Teaching aids

Dear Jo Thank you again for your earnestness, however my observations about the "guide" (and further about the so-called "Tutorial Videos" which are of poor quality) are not the result of sarcasm but rather based upon over thirty years of technical support experience in Information Technology and my possession of professional business and teaching qualifications. The world has shrunk alarmingly and it behoves vendors to address the needs of a wider audience (and skill level) than just those of American website developers. Your clear directions were very useful but as a case in point perhaps you could explain what "lol" means. Many thanks and kind regards

haha ok lol = laughing out loud.

I understand your concerns truly I do. I too believe that the documentation is sorely lacking and they are most definitely aware of it. I feel that there would be a lot less help needed on the forums if there were complete and up to date documentation for the app, but .... unfortunately that's not the case. I understand your frustration etc., I'm only saying that what you said could have been done without the nasty sarcasm is all. Your comments were correct, there is a lot needed in documentation for this app, but my experience in years of internet communications is that criticizing in a more constructive than destructive way tends to get better responses in many different venues of feedback. Not that I've never gotten nasty on a forum, I have trust me lol, but not usually on my very first post :P

Dear Jo Thank you for your explanation. Please believe me when I tell you that I did not understand the meaning of "lol" and there was no sarcasm intended. Indeed there are many other acronyms and vernacular phrases that may be commonly understood in America or by a certain generation. However I am over fifty and based in the United Kingdom and I find such language a barrier to understanding and I do not believe that I am alone. Perhaps I might develop a career in writing "guides", "manuals" and "tutorial videos" for companies who could benefit from improving their accessibility? Again many thanks

No worries, I understand your pain for sure. I have asked them already too if they need assistance with documentation and was assured that they do have someone working on that so hopefully we will see something happen with it soon. You're also not alone, I just turned 57 myself :P