Text improvements

There's a couple of things I've noticed that seem like they should be available or at least usable with regards to inputting text/content.

  1. Carriage returns. Either I'm missing something fundamental or there doesn't seem to be any way of adding a carriage return to a chunk of text (very annoying if you're opening with a line of bold text but you don't want to create a custom css tag every time setting it as a block, or creating a new paragraph everytime.)

  2. Super/sub position. Currently no way of adding sub or super position text so you're not able to add in correct short hand notations for things like Square Meters (i.e. m<sup>2</sup> or m<sup>2</sup> in html would be the normal way of doing it inline).

by default the BSS devs dont allow breaks when using drag and drop. You need to just duplicate p tags components to get the spacing required. The alternative to this is to use the custom code component, which does allow you to to add breaks and what ever else you want.

as for super/sub position i agree that we should have an increased text editor to do things like this.

I've gone down the custom code path for all of the above (it's only recently I've started using BSS in anger and I missed that custom code had been added as an option), It pretty much solves almost all of my little gripes about adding bits and pieces and now i've got some work colleagues interested in ponying up some money for a few more licences too.

Now if only we could get it run compiling tasks on the generated CSS/Javascript...... (I'm only half joking, but then it'd take the fun out of learning to get node/grunt to co-operate).

Thank you for opening this thread!

Text editing in the app is due for a rewrite and we will work on this in the next releases, but we have a few important features to do first. As you've discovered, Custom Code can be used for adding bits and pieces which aren't supported yet.

One of our goals for version 3.0 is support for SASS and Bootstrap customizations. I would love to hear what node or grunt tasks you wish are available.

At the moment I'm mostly just tinkering with node trying to learn in my spare time but so far it's pretty much just been for minifying the project/ collating different CSS/javascript files into one file rather than lots of little ones, i'm still also not decided either way of Grunt or Gulp, I just get the impression that Grunt is more widely known/used (because like any programming issue, why have one solution when you can have 2 or 3... or 7.....) .

SASS would be good as well since that's something else I've been meaning to get on the bandwagon with but alot of the older projects I've been working on are just vanilla CSS so I haven't really had much requirement so far but I'd like to since it streamlines the colour theme process.

Still no support for sub/super after two years?

You can now enter line break by inserting a paragraph and then when you are typing hit shift and enter ?