The BSS UI needs to be put into dock widgets and most things hideable (more so than they are now)

For people with two, three or quad monitors, I noticed that I can’t drag/drop tabs out of BSS. Why not? That’s easy enough to do at least in PyQt5 apps.

Also, I would like to be able to customize the GUI and one of the simplest, must useful things to do is allow me to hide things, so that I cannot even see any button to pop them back up. You can then re-enable them from a context menu appropriately placed.

It’s just that we use 30% of the tools 90% of the time and the other 70% of the tools only 10% of the time. Couldn’t an AI somehow use the data of how we use it personally, and come up with a strategy to present to us what we needed / wanted precisely when that happens? XD It’s 2023 people, come on!! Blade Runner was 2049. So… we have some catching up to do.

Currently, you can move the entire HTML / Attributes / Styles panel to a separate monitor. I would definitely like to see the ability to dock all the different panels to other monitors, and show/hide/rearrange them as desired. Pinegrow allows you to do this, and you can also save multiple workspaces. Adobe software also offers this (and it’s executed extremely well.) If the BSS devs want an example of how to do it right, they should copy Photoshop’s UI.

That’s a pretty ambitious ask for a $65 program. I mean, even Adobe Creative Suite doesn’t do something this sophisticated.

But I would definitely like the ability to personalize the workspace a little more than is currently available.

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