The link to the top page is rewritten without permission

Hello Everyone
I intended to set the link from each page to the top page on the website in index.html and publish it, but before I knew it, the link destination was rewritten to index-2.html. It seems that index-2.html was once generated in BSS.

Since there is only index.html in the page list, even if you click the link to the top page, it will not jump anywhere.

Both the description of html and attributes has been rewritten to <href = ”index-2.html”>. The display of the link destination in the option corner was also rewritten in the same way.

After updating the article and publishing the updated site, I noticed that I could not return to the top page by clicking, and when I returned to BSS and checked it, it turned out that it was rewritten. I corrected all the links to the top page from the option area to the correct page URL and uploaded it again.

There was no problem on the site before the update, so it seems that it was rewritten when the article was updated with BSS. If there is a cause and countermeasure, please let me know.

By the way, I bought BSS over a year ago. The OS is Windows 10. Occasionally, Japanese characters are garbled in articles on the site, so I wonder if my computer and BSS are not compatible.

Another thing that comes to my mind is that I once created the index-2.html page with settings that are invisible even when the site is published. My memory is vague and I’m not sure, but it’s true that the page index-2.html didn’t exist at the time of this issue, whether it was created or not. I’m a beginner in WEB production. Thank you.

I’m thinking you will need to share your project file in order for anyone to see what happened. I believe you can add it as an attachment to the messages in here, but I haven’t tried that. I have my own server so I upload things there that I need to share. I don’t think sharing a link to the site itself will help on this issue because the issue is happening upon export the way it sounds. If you can work out sharing your project file here that would be the best way to get assistance on this one.

Thank you for reading my report. It’s hard to pinpoint where the problem lies unless you allow the project files to be shared. Let’s consider how to share. Thank you.

I can’t allow anything I’m just a user like you are. You may need to upload the project file to a server and share a link to it in here.

When you rename a page in your design, all links are rewritten with the new name automatically, so that they continue working. It’s possible that this is what has happened - you may have renamed index.html to index-2.html.

When Bootstrap Studio rewrites the links to a page, it shows you a notification that this has been done. You can then Undo from the menu to restore the links the way they were.

I see. The cause is that I created another page. I wasn’t sure when I posted this report, but I remembered it afterwards. I think I copied the existing top page and created another page with private settings. I thought it would be convenient to update the content with index-2.html and return the name to index.html at a later date when I want to publish the update. Keep in mind that this will change the link. Based on jo-r’s suggestion, I tried and tried to upload the file to the server, but I haven’t mastered cPanel yet. Forget to upload the file. Thank you.