Things I miss when using sass

There’s some real set backs for me trying to use Sass a bit now. Any chance that any of these will be available in the scss files? I feel like I’ve gone back to using custom code blocks.

  1. Ability to see the color boxes to alter colors without having to resort to external color apps. Scss files sshow as locked in the Styles tab, so we cannot use the color boxes that show up in the Styles tab.
  2. Ability to edit the scss file from the styles window. Scss files show as locked in the Styles tab and are not able to be edited at all from it.
  3. The new ability to view image thumbnails when mousing over the css is not available in the scss files.

These are the main items, I’ll post again if I find more lol.

Happy to hear you’re usng sass. The Styles tab shows the compiled SCSS so, unfortunately, it is practically impossible for the code there to be edited. You can use Visual Studio Code or another external editor which provides such plugins to edit your SCSS files.

Yeah that’s what I was afraid the answer would be lol. To add to that list:

Any chance that some day the file link on the Styles window will take you directly to the class you’re clicking it from like it does with CSS. That’s a BIG I miss that issue there. I love Sass so far, but I must say that using it within BSS is far from convenient with the features that you lose from it. Hopefully some update in the future will allow it to be more so.

CleanShot 2021-11-07 at 07.56.15

Adding on to that list … Media Query adding.

Yes as @gabby stated you should make use of Visual Studio code or another code editor. Will save you much more time and enable much more options.

Thanks @gabby and @majestic12. I finally took the time to set up Visual Studio as an editor in BSS and I think this will be exactly what I needed. A shame still, that one would have to do this to keep the convenience when working with SCSS files. Glad the option is here though and I’m gonna work with it today and see how it goes!