Three video landing page

What would be the optiomal components to use in a landing page that

  1. divides the page into thirds
  2. upper third shows a banner of the site name such as a jumbtron
  3. middle third shows three containters separated, reactive with links for three videos
  4. immediately below each container a text block that stay attached to the individual video on resize.
  5. lower third more reactive text block

Short answer: Sections, containers, rows, columns, and things you mentioned like “text blocks” (paragraphs.)

This Forum category is for people to ask question about how to use the Bootstrap Studio Software (ex, “where do I find the settings to change column widths?”) not to ask how people what’s the best way to design a website to your particular specifications. Most of us here are web developers, and we make our livings doing what you’re asking for in your post. (FYI - You might notice that you’ve made a total of 5 posts and gotten no responses from the larger community. That’s because we’re not here to teach people how to build websites.)

Read the tutorials, watch the videos, practice and learn to use the program.

Or, hire someone to build you a website the way you want it.

@printninja you know you don’t have to comment right? The first part of your comment was enough to answer the question, the rest wasn’t needed IMO.