"Tips" menu doesn't disappear if Styles panel is detached [fixed in 5.4.1]

I've attached a video showing the normal behavior when the Styles panel is attached, and then the buggy behavior when it's floating.

Basically, when you click in the Class to enter your new rule, the "tips" menu with Bootstrap classes appears. You click the rule you want, type your value and the menu vanishes. Normal behavior.

When the panel is detached, if you do the same thing, after you click your rule, when you type your value the "tips" menu remains visible. It won't automatically go away unless you re-dock the Style panel, or you can force close it by clicking somewhere neutral (so nothing is selected) and then click the "tips" menu again.

It was driving me crazy because I kept clicking it to close it not realizing at times my CSS rule was still in "editing mode" and I'd end up with with rules like line-height: line-height;

Video Link http://thelightwavegroup.com/images/tempvid2.mp4


Really hope this bug fix is coming soon. It makes using the detached panel almost impossibly frustrating.

Interesting bug, but also want to point out that the Mac version does not seem to have this issue.


I reported it via the bug report link and they confirmed it and said it would be fixed with the next update. I'm just eager to get the fix. I REALLY want to use my other monitor for that panel.

Yeah I have been liking that new feature for sure! Hopefully they will get the Windows version fixed up for you soon then. :)