Title for images and nav links

I'd like to be able to add title = " " to images and links from the editor. Is it possible for the next release? It would save creating custom code or adding after export.

Hiya FreddoBee,

This is already a feature of the app.

  1. To do this open the page and select the image you want to add the title tag to.
  2. Be sure the HTML and Styles window at the bottom is open and that the Attributes are visible under the HTML window area.
  3. Under attributes you will see a plus + sign in the bottom right corner.
  4. Click that and it will add a line with 2 boxes in it.
  5. The first is to put the tag in and the second is to put the attribute of that tag.
  6. This is for any tags that apply to an item or element. Type title (no quotes in either of these boxes) in the first box and type the name of your title in the second box.
  7. Click apply and you now have a title or any other tag you need added to your item or element.

Hope that helps and have fun!

Good tutorial jo ?

Thanks! lol

Thank you so much, Jo! So much to learn with this amazing app. Just my second day playing with it and totally loving it. 20 years of Web development under my belt and using Dreamweaver for many years but BSS will do a much better job for Bootstrap Web pages as I've discovered already.

You're quite welcome FreddoBee,

I totally agree with you on all points. I've been at this about the same amount of time you have and have been using DW as well. I'm hoping that at some point I can redo the sites that I've done using Dreamweaver so that all my sites are in BSS. Loving this app completely!