To Hide blocks/containers

To Hide Blocks or containers or anything else to value the impact with or without a certain part of the workflow ( like in Pinegrow) Tks

Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're asking for (since I don't use Pinegrow) and am not sure what you mean by with or without certain part of the workflow, you can already hide anything you want.

Click the item you want to hide (this could end up size dependent so keep in mind it will hide it from whatever size you are hiding it on and larger), and in the Options pane open the Responsive Display dropdown area. Now choose the Display dropdown and choose the display setting you need. If you don't want it shown at all then choose Display:None That is if you're in BS 4 setup, if you're still using BS 3 version for your sites you'll need to use the Accessibility dropdown instead of the Responsive display and choose the "Hidden" setting and turn it off.