Toggle for updating on Browser Preview [added in 2.6.1]

Just wanted to throw something out there that was in a previous software I used for web building some time ago. This isn't something I'd expect to see soon unless it's easy to implement of course, but something I'd like to see in the future.

Browser previews lag the software pretty bad when trying to make quick and constant updates in a page. Every time you change something it updates the browser preview and lags until it's finished. Gets aggravating to the point of making me have to close the browser window until I have those updates done, but then it's tedious many times to reopen the browser preview again so ....

I would love to see a toggle that we could check a box when we want the browser preview to "pause" in a sense in updating until we uncheck it. That would save a lot of updating time, clicking to close and reopen browser previews on a constant basis etc.

The current version of CoffeeCup's HTML Editor has this feature (they put a link graphic button at the bottom of the window for you to toggle it's activation state and deactivate it. Same as a check box as far as I'm concerned, but either way works. The HTML Editor Free version may have this feature, but I don't recall. I think it does though and if it doesn't there is at least a free trial if you want to check it out to see what I am talking about.

Anyways, that's my idea for this issue which I think would help us immensely with updating while browser preview windows are open.

Thanks for this suggestion! I think we can make this in a smarter way. Browsers have a Page Visibility API with which we can make the preview pause if the tab is not focused or the browser window is minimized. Then, when you focus the tab again, it will reload the page and show you the new version if there have been changes.

So instead of pausing you can just switch tabs or minimizing the browser. Do you think this would fit in your workflow?

Yep both of those ways would work great for me!

This was added in version 2.6.1 that was just released.

Awesome update! Will be playing with it all shortly! Thanks!