Toggle off CSS class in full

I've been meaning to ask about this for a long time, but today I think I have a mess in my CSS lol and what I'm about to ask for would be a highly helpful feature for me right now and many times over the past couple years it would have been.

Is it possible get a toggle similar to what you have for the attributes of the classes and ID's (check boxes) so we can just turn off the entire class in one shot rather than having to turn off each attribute one at a time? I don't know about others, but many times I'd love to have been able to test things as I'm building and adding classes and removing them seems to be the only way, which is a time killer if you decide to put it back after a while of changing things. Would love to be able to toggle the entire class off so we can test things easier. This would be able to simulate the ability to add comments to turn off classes or sections of classes. I'll settle for just a class at a time though rather than worrying about sections at a time. :)

Thanks for the suggestion! I think that this is the same idea as this one:

We're already working on it :)

Thanks!! I missed that post I guess, hate it when that happens lol. Thanks for getting this added in there! :)