Too much white space

hi guys i create a website but it seems like there is so many white spaces around the both side of the webpage and my whatsapp icon keep staying on the bottom of the page is there anyway that i can make sure it stick to the side as i scroll…tks

the website

What the heck happened to this layout xD

thats y im curious too hahaha

You use absolute values in pixels for widths (and even heights), and to make matters worse, translateX (also with pixel values). So the browser only does what you told it to do. Get rid of all that. If at all, use relative units like rem, em or vw. And while you’re at it, please don’t do it as inline styles. Even better would be to look into grid layouts as provided in Bootstrap. There are two options: Either you learn at least the basics and just start over or you use a ready-made template and change its colors and contents, but leave the layout untouched. I’d prefer option 1 :wink:

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