Top level dropdown tab unresponsive

Hi team!,

Again, not sure if this is a bug -or just me…

I have a dropdown in the navbar, the sub menu pages show when selected as you would expect.

However the top level heading of the dropdown does not seem to work.
As far as i can tell i have set it up with the link options URL directing it to the correct page, but when i test it in the live browser its just dead… (although the sub pages are fine)
having selected a sub -page from the dropdown menu i cant get back to the top again.

So in the above screenshot, i can get to the technical support page, but not back to the Support page [heading]

any help appreciated as always.

Are you exporting to a local folder? I seem to have a similar issue. In preview mode it works because reference is made to a particular port, but when I export the design, the url’s are a filepath from the root of my Mac and the browser doesn’t seem to be able to go to such a url.

Are you able to get to the other pages, other than the Support page? If so, check your link and make sure you added one to the top level drop-down on the other pages. (not really suggested to add links to the top level drop-down as it’s more confusing for the visitors).

As for local URLs, no program is going to pick up a local URL and change it to a remote one after export.

It is not recommended to use local URLs for anything other than testing really. The best practice here is to upload your content being linked to, to the server it will be on when the site is uploaded. Then use Absolute URLs until you have the pages done. You can then swap those to relative URLs if you want to once you know the content works. It won’t work in the Preview of course, but you’ll already know that works so it shouldn’t be an issue.

It has been asked for many many times over for the ability to use local folders with their contents within the app so we can use relative links and they will still work when uploaded without having to change anything, but … we haven’t seen that yet so the above is your best work around for that.