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I was searching for “how to convert from older bootstrap frameworks to the newer” but couldn’t find any text explaining the steps to convert or migrate an existing .bsstudio file (created using older version of bootstrap 3.x) to newer version of bootstrap 4.x.

Is there any process involved or just opening in a newer version of application will also prompt user to change the bootstrap version?

If there is a process involved, why there is no tutorial explaining the procedure ?

It’s in the File menu of BSS, at the very bottom.

DO keep in mind it is only going to update the default CSS. Any custom CSS or Custom Code blocks will need to be done manually.

Also of note, the Convert choice in the menu only shows up if the site you currently have open is not updated to BS4 already so if you don’t see it, then it’s already BS4.

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Thank you @jo-r. You made my day.