Transfer css styles in to one style sheet all at onces

I have done a little research on the forums but didn't find anything so I am sorry if anyone has already posted something like this before. When I am designing my sites I have taken the habit to make a css file for different parts for my site, first it makes it a little easier to find the css that I am looking for and second I am not passing 3h searching the the style sheet. So, I was hoping the the dev team may create a way that if you want to move 3 styles or more into a different file to not have to move them one by one. By that maybe put a select style somewhere and then right click move or copy etc...

I think a ‘right click and merge’ multiple selected css files would be a good idea.

Not sure how easy that would be but could be useful

Sorry if this posts twice, I posted it and it shows the post count, but the post doesn't show up for me so I'm reposting it. :/

You can easily copy and paste multiple classes by highlighting them same way you highlight anything else on a computer using your mouse to drag over entire sections of the CSS then use Ctrl+C to copy them, go where you want them to be and paste them using Ctrl+V. Go back and delete the ones you copied and you're all set. This works pretty good for moving classes from multiple CSS files. Not as easily as doing a one shot combine all would be, but then I don't use the "all" situations hardly ever because they almost always cause issues with overlaps, multiple classes with the same name etc. and you really don't have control where it puts them then unless in some way you can set that up in settings to go to the bottom of the page or something.

Just my opinion of course, but I've seen a lot of messes happen with combining "all" situations in other apps as well as this app's setting for Minifying which really messed up the site files where almost nothing worked.

Anyways, it works good for copy and paste as well as the already established right click and move situation to move single classes. I would love to see just this particular feature expanded to allow us to select multiple classes with a checkbox or something to move them. That to me would be a lot more beneficial as well as controlled.