Trouble using Bootstrap studio

I purchased a template from Envato, I tried using Bootstrap studio but it doesnt seem to work. When I use the live preview, it shows the website, but it doesnt show anything when editing.

The product im having issues with is:

Try adding the class preloader-hide to the div thats just below the body tag. The div is the preloader and already has a id of preloader

<div id="preloader" class="preloader-hide">

That should set the preloader to opacity 0

.preloader-hide {
    opacity: 0;
    pointer-events: none;
    transition: all 150ms ease!important;

I do that and everything disappears in the preview. Also would there be a way to convert this into a file that I can edit using Bootstrap Studio?

Did it show anything when editing when you changed that ?

No, nothing changed from the editing perspective

Also thank you for helping out

I think the only way to find the problem would be to see the problem. Bootstrap Studio gives you 5 free websites and you can do testing with them. If you could publish to one of those free websites, it would be helpful. Otherwise I would be trying to hit a hole in one with a blindfold on.

A subdomain

You also might try enabling jquery in you settings in Bootstrap Studio - longshot.

it may be part of the code in some js file, disable the js files one by one until you identify which one is causing this, then just see which part of the code is responsible.