Trouble with the LIGHTBOX

Hey guys, can anyone help me? When i use lightbox gallery i get a problem that i just cant fix and its driving me nuts. When i click on a lightbox to open a picture i get a bug... well actually 2 of them :/

1) either it opens it normally but when i scroll my mouse picture moves to the top of the page

2) when i open the picture it get cut off by (what i'm guessing) next element

shaky gif to explain it better :D

anyone has any suggestions on how i can fix it? :/

I'm thinking it's related to the issue that when you first open the Lightbox and then scroll, only the Lightbox is scrolling and not the site with it. Then when you scroll the site and reopen the Lightbox the script gets confused about the dimensions of the viewport so in one instance it positions the Lightbox in a normal view but then also say the dimensions of the Lightbox is shorter therefore the bottom gets cut off. If you can figure out what is making the Lightbox scroll independent of the site when first scrolled that probably is the solution to the getting cut off by stopping that from happening.

First thing I'd think to try is see if you have over-written any of the Lightbox CSS by going step by step through the HTML pane's Lightbox code in the app and seeing on the right in the STYLES pane if any custom changes that are not part of the bootstrap or lightbox CSS. Also check your custom JS code, if you have any, to see if your effecting something the lightbox is also try to do.

I was not able to reproduce this so with out your code I'm unable to tell how things are set up.