UI Features Clean / Can't add to any element

I want to use the "UI/Features Clean" component in a row but BSS doesn't let me add it... how can I use this component at all?

When you pull it from the list of components, drop it at the top of your page in the visual preview area. Now click on it so you can see all the parts and pull the part that is either inside a Block element, or inside a Container element and put that content where you want it. It's a clunky system for this yet, not sure if or how they will fix this, but something really should be done about the difficulty trying to use components within Blocks and Containers.

Anyways, you need to pull the components outside the Block and if you have the area your planning to put the component into, already in a container, then you'll need to pull the contents of the component out of the container as well. You cannot put a container within a container in BSS.

Hope that helps! :)

Great! Thanks, that did the trick. A bit "shooting my self into the foot" but it works...

LOL I understand the shooting for sure lol. Glad it worked for you. :)