Unable to edit H1 content and preview pane issue

I bought BSS at launch date, but never used till last week, just made a quick test and dropped into my useless software folder. Now it finally matured into a nice program so i'm trying to create my first design. I created a container div with a background-size cover image, and put inside it a vertically centered row with a h1. Set a navbar on top, and started preparing the other parts of the website.

In my browser preview the design is OK. But in BSS the "background-size cover image" that has a height:100% and a display:flex in order to align-items:center all collapse so i have that container DIV, the raw with h1 hidden below it and the menubar on top of everything.

That's not only ugly to see, but now i'm unable to change the H1 text, because i can't select it in the preview pane. It's hidden below the menubar.

i uploaded a screenshot here: http://imgur.com/a/psAFV and a copy of the .bsdesign project is here: http://ovh.to/2u4Y4Wg

The workaround I found is to temporary add a min-height to the container with the background image and vertically centered content in order to get a better visualization inside BSS, and remove that CSS attribute after editing.

What I discovered is that the following doesn't appear to be applied within the app it's self.


In a preview view of your design and using Chrome's DEV Tools (F12) I can select the HTML element and uncheck height 100% and it collapses so I specifically narrowed it down to HTML element and not the BODY element that effects the collapsing which leads to me believe that it doesn't apply within the app.

I guess you could consider that a bug unless it's something the Developers have it that way for some purpose I don't know.

However, regardless of this, you can still EDIT those columned H1s by selecting the H1 element in the HTML pane and on the top right of the app in the Options pane click on the pencil icon and you are in edit mode you can backspace out the wording or SHIFT+Right Arrow to highlight the wording to use the style bar above the Layout Preview pane.


Bug still not fixed in new 2.42. All design with the same can't be easily done on BSS

I've found the same type of issue with various things on backgrounds and galleries (which leads me to believe it will affect other things as well) where things inside the app do not get contained within their container/column/row/etc. and they many times stretch out over the top of things to the right and below them. It makes me have to rearrange items in my right sidebars in order to edit them so that I have to move them down below the area that the defective items are covering.

Everything works and looks great in preview and on the live sites, but not in BSS. I believe I reported this a while back as well.

I use ATOM to edit my webpages, bss just for rapid prototyping atm. And atom preview works fine. Btw atom editor has also plugs for pinegrow, so maybe BSS could also add support for atom and a better/different preview.

I was among the first buyers of BSS and i still haven't really used it. Before paying for an additional year i'd like to know if/when this bugs will be fixed