Unable to export using AbcSxyZ/bootstrap-studio-to-django-template


No matter what I put in for the Export script under Export settings in BS, I keep getting:

“Script C:\Python39\python C:\Users\FruitfulApproach\Desktop\AbstractSpacecraft\bootstrap-studio-to-django-template\converter.py couldn’t be run”

There you can see I tried running the underlying script of (called by) bootstrap-studio-to-django-template/django_export.sh since I don’t need a virtual env instance.

Nothing seems to work. So my question is this: what exactly does BS expect me to pass in? It gives no hints on that. A bash shell script? An executable? Why not just a command?

Got it to work with script file (now batch file):

set SCRIPT_DIR="C:\Users\FruitfulApproach\Desktop\AbstractSpacecraft\bootstrap-studio-to-django-template"
cd %1
python %SCRIPT_DIR%/converter.py %1

Rename it to django_export.bat.

And in converter.py adding the lines:

import os

os.environ['DJANGO_PROJECT'] = 'C:/Users/FruitfulApproach/Desktop/AbstractSpacecraft/AbstractSpacecraft'