Unlink element of a linked block

Would it be possible to unlink some elements of a linked block? e.g. I would like to unlink only title and paragraphs of a block. Thanks for any help.

Not that I am aware of. If you create a linked item, everything within it is linked.

Thanks Jo. I think it would be a very useful feature.

I wrote a script to insert (replace) HTML content from a JSON file. The script fills elements based on their id by taking the content from the JSON object based on page and id. This way you can use linked blocks and set different content page by page and id by id.

So that it works is necessary;

  1. to set a different ID for each element to be filled;
  2. to include/load a JSON object;
  3. to include the filler script.

I share a small sample project with three pages.


Thanks for the share abs.

I am wondering though if you aren't complicating things more than they need to be? If you're making linked "structures" wouldn't it be simpler to just create blocks with specific CSS and then save that block to your library for reuse? That way you don't have to mess with the linked stuff at all or get around it and the structure would be much easier to manage. This would also give you the opportunity to create varied blocks (different sizes, colors, etc) so that they aren't always exactly the same and gives you more variety to the page.

Just wondering is all, seems like it's more complicated than is necessary if you're not wanting the "content" to be the same, which is usually the point of using Linked Components.

From my point of view I have simplified my task a lot. Now I can edit several pages that share the exact same structure but with different contents without unlinking linked blocks. If I have to change the structure (almost sure) I will do it only on one page. It is not a dynamic site but neither a static one ;)