Update 4.3.0

Good day,

I think I purchased a lifetime license but when clicking on Check for Update it just shows popup "Download" and then it disappears. I would like to update to the latest version and also starting using the latest bootstrap version.

How can I achieve this, please?

Thanks :)

I think I purchased a lifetime license

you don't know what you did buy? Just click on help/about and you can check it.

4.3.0 was released more than one year ago (Version 4.3.0 Jul 1, 2018) and you missed 25 updates.

updates are automatic, so my advice is to reinstall. Check your welcome email with the license code and download link. And if everything fails, contact the developers

Hi I have checked it now. I have the lifetime edition 4.3.0. Used the link in the email as you suggested. Downloaded the new installation and installed it but when running Bootstrap Studio it still shows version 4.3.0.

Okay never mind :) When I restarted it popup with message there is updates available please restart again which I did and now it shows version 4.5.7. Thanks for your assistance!

Another thing to do is open a project when you open the app. I find that the update alert happens much faster if I have a project open for some reason.