Update an imported theme

Here's my scenario:

  • I customized the default BS theme and downloaded it using their customize tool: http://getbootstrap.com/customize/
  • In BSS I imported that theme
  • I made some changes to the theme and would like to know if there is a simple way to update it

Currently I've been going back in the Settings followed by:

  • Manage Themes
  • Import Theme
  • Close
  • select the newly imported theme
  • Manage Theme
  • delete previous theme
  • Close
  • Save

Just wondering if there's an easier way to update an existing theme that has been imported.

Because we had another person asking about where the files were, this same answer may help you too. Apparently when importing Themes it's not the same as importing the actual files that are making up the theme and the information is stored somewhere other than within the project. So try this and see if it helps.

Export your projects. Find the assets folder and locate any CSS files that it created for the theme. Be sure not to bother with the default files that BSS usually spits out as you won't need those, just those that are created by the theme itself.

On the right side in the Design panel, you'll need to import the files to their respective locations. If they are within folders in the export (other than the default "assets > CSS" then you'll need to create those directories and import the files to those directories so it mimics how its laid out when you exported it.

Now see if you have access to editing the CSS and such in the Styles panel. I'm just assuming here since I didn't try this, but it seems that this should fix any issues with not being able t access the settings.

If I misunderstood, I apologize and let me know too :)

@Jo I'm not sure I follow. When I export the project I can see the CSS theme that I initially imported however I don't want to add that separately to the Design panel as a lot of it is a duplicate of the default theme. Also, editing that in BSS would be cumbersome since it's such a large file.

I too apologize if I've misunderstood your suggestion.

I must be misunderstanding what it is you are wanting then. Sounded to me like you wanted a way to edit the CSS or JS of the theme, and if the ability isn't there in the app already, then the only way to do that that I am aware of is to import the files directly so everything is available to you.

I will say though that I haven't really played with themes at all so I'm not sure a lot about them or what they are used for so I'm a bit ignorant there lol. When I first started I thought they were for theming the app itself and now recently learned they are apparently for theming a site. I don't know much about it beyond that and what I read the other day with someone else asking about where the files were as they weren't in the project file itself.

I think I want what @Keven wants too. I'd like to be able to quickly customize Bootstrap (just the colors) without needing to create an entirely new theme. Is that possible?

If you updated an imported a theme manually outside of BSS then if you imported it again surely it should just update with the changes you have made.

Having not used it much myself I can't comment on the process of updating but seems odd that you can't overwrite just by importing again

As long as the author does not make an open menue and file structure with subdirectorys where files could be modified or updated if the user wants to, you will always have files with the same content where the last loaded file content overwrites the first loaded content. This means you have to load two files instead of one. It's the same problem with the bootstrap and jquery files, which can also be modified (reduced). I think the author makes a big mistake with the "all in one file" hiding system.

I purchased a version, but I already looking around for another software which doesn't have this limitation and an open file system.


This approach of putting a project all in one file is pissing me off.

Please change.

I'm a Designer this bootstrap studio is awesome as a designer I expect some more features somewhat I need to choose my own customized colour and on the site is any possible way to find in the option mode

Jerome you need to edit the CSS of whatever items you want differently colored/shaped/sized/etc. than what the default is.