Update caused crash of program - again

Just another bug report. And no, I haven't re-installed like you asked me to :)

My program went completely white, had to alt-ctrl-del and close it. Restarted, update available.


Sorry to hear you keep running into this issue. It is likely that your installation has been corrupted. Resetting Bootstrap Studio should fix it. Follow these instructions when you have the time.

Hi Martin, did the reset and did a re-install.

Still crashes. White screen of death.

Crashing every 15 minutes now.

THIS SUCKS MAN. Been months with the same problem... Uninstalled. Reinstalled. Clean installed. On 10 different BSD files now! :(

Crashed again. Been 10 minutes.

Ooooh my goodness I lose so much work each time this happens.

Lost in just the last update:

  • Renamed 15 div containers
  • Lost a javascript with 15 code changes in it

PLEASE fix this